Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mass production of miniature bricks

Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Shame on me - as usual a prolonged period of silence. Ironically, the silent weeks tend also to be productive ones, with much to tell. Since I last wrote I've heard that my application to exhibit as part of a group should with FAB (Fringe Arts Bath) was successful. The theme of the show is: Here Today Gone Tomorrow. My work suits it well and I'll be showing a piece I haven't shown before... so it's an exciting opportunity for me in a new city. I've also been selected to show an artwork in the Worcester Open 2010 ( Very exciting ...and also fairly busy.

In Worcester I'm showing an installation piece involving thousands of hand made miniature wax bricks. Unfortunately, when I last installed them, the majority were taken/disappeared from site without explanation. Consequently, the last few weeks my living room has taken form as a brick making factory. Slabs of wax warm slowly on all my radiators and the room is full of bricks at their various stages of production. The process is slow (and boring!). At a rate of about a minute per bricks I've spent many hours sat in front of the TV mass producing miniature bricks.

Production can be boring, though, and it feels like a long time since I've created. I miss creating - by that I mean not just making/executing an idea, but 'birthing' and nurturing ideas into form. I have so many little seedlings of ideas but feel like I have no time to get my teeth stuck into them and struggling with 'time allocation' at the moment.

This post will probably becoming long if I don't make myself stop writing for now...

Always so much to say... but more to Do!

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