Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Space 2 gallery

Here are some better pictures of the gallery space I have been given for my forthcoming exhibition: Of no fixed abode.

The artwork in theses photos is by a friend, Toni Ward

The space looks so much better when not filled with tables etc!

Even more recent work...

Here is some of the most recent work I've done. It's really simple, but I'm pleased with it. I hope it's not me trying to be something I'm not...

Most recent work

Here is some work I have been working at recently. I'm really excited by the potentail in it...but the process is really really long due to the drying time.

Loads to say about the process...but I'm not going to do that for now. I'm busy updating my website, sending out applications, planning an exhibition and looking for a job for next year...

Monday, 24 May 2010

Of no fixed abode

More info on Here today gone tomorrow

Can't upload the flyer for Here today gone tomorrow exhibition but here is some info:


An eclectic mix of photography, painting,
sculpture, video and performance by thirty
national and international artists. The
exhibition infiltrates the shiny retail
paradise of Milsom Place with its works
exploring themes of permanence and
transience, longevity and mortality.

Curated by Fiona Cassidy.

Friday 28 May - Sunday 13 June
Opening night Friday 28 May, 6 - 9 pm

Ground Floor Milsom Place
Milsom Street, Bath


FAB Bath - Here today gone tomorrow

Been to bath today to hang my artwork for upcoming exhibition! Good day - Fiona Cassidy has organised things well...so no compromises. I was very pleased.

Here's a pic of the venue. I do have a pic of my work hung, but haven't got image off my phone yet.

PV on Friday night