Thursday, 3 March 2011

more pics - lighting is everything

Not sure I could be more chuffed with these - JACK-flipping-POT!

Going to chat with my practical problem-solving friend Bob Wallington tomorrow to see if he can help me work out how to ues lighting with these objects. I only lit them short term to get the pictures - but obviously a hot light in a flammable 'box' = fire hazzard. Where there is a will, surely there will also be a way.... But I'm smart enough to know I'm going to need help to find it.

So that's one of the next obstacles. Also I need to decided how to organise the boxes - which will depend a lot on the space they go in. Should I seal them or not - and if I do, where will the light source enter them etc etc?! Lots of questions.

more from March 3rd

little break through

So, I can't actually upload any more photos onto my website. I'll need to do something about that. But for now, I'll put photos on here.

Been to the studio today. Ended up spending the time very differently from how I had anticipated spending it.

Last time I left the studio, I left the work in progress looking something like this:

When I got there, of course... *sigh*... of COURSE, it had all collapsed on itself and it looked like this:

You sort of have to laugh - because I knew it would happen and yet at the same time was devo-ed that it had happened. I think last time I was there arranging them all precariously I knew that the inevitale architectural failings were to become 'another day's problem' - and today was that day.

So the last few months of hard hard work have, so far, surmounted to THIS! this pile of messy muslin and PVA and varnish. raaaa.

Never fear, though. There is always something to be made of nothing...

Not far from the space I work in, there is a mannequin in a sleeping bag - a powerful visual reminder of just how fragile a commodity home is for some people.

Don't you think that these boxes, now that they collapose into themselves a little bit, mimic sleeping bags? Does that sounds like nonsense artist's waffle? - probably yes - but also can you not see what I mean? it's exactly like the crumbling properties of a sleeping bag (and in some cases a pillow) - maybe this is project is just starting to get interesting!