Friday, 10 June 2011

And then these are just cool...

I wonder how you get to the point where practicality isn't an issue - I'm forever compromising creativity for achievability. Funding? Who knows....

Rocks and crosses

Can you tell that I've done some diary shuffling and decided to preserve the allocated 'art time' - small as it may be - in my week? 4 or 5 posts in one day, after a month of silence? Irritating? Possibily. But at best it will be a week before I can check in again ... so it's now or never.

I went to the Saatchi Gallery yesterday - only briefly, admittedly. I had wanted to go and see Tracy Emin at the Hayward Gallery but that requires pre-booking and I hadn't pre-planned. Furthermore, though the £12.00 will no doubt be well worth paying, this week I wanted to put Mike first and treat him to dinner, and when you're a volunteer you can't do dinnner and £12.00 art exhibition. But I deffiantely made the right decision - sacrifice and love are closely linked and I love Mike a lot.


There was one piece of work at the Saatchi gallery that I just loved. I didn't work hard' at the works, yesterday which in some ways I felt a bit quilty for. They say the more you put in, the more you get out - and that is deffinately true of viewing art too.

But luckily for me, there was once piece that I had to put very little into and got very much out of.

It's really hard to capture in a photograph (I also noticed that a lot of people in galleries do all their viewing through camera lens! wierd!) but I want to introduce you to it anyway, so I'm going to try.

So, where the photo fails the artwork is that when you look at the photo the first and only thing you see is the rock. On the top of the rock, however, there is a tiny paper cross, balanced prefectly. You might be able to spot it on the close up:

The room is full of the 'found rock's and yet, somehow, when you walk in the room the first thing you see is the tiny cross.

I don't want to talk about the piece a tremendous amount, but I did want to introduce you to it. Well worth a visit for that room alone.

Save the Date

The evening of the 4th August will be the opening night for an exhibition of work funded by the YMCA and made in conjunction with New Hope Trust and the council in Watford.

It should be a great night and truly stoked for the exhibition - so get the date in your diary. More information to follow.

Memory B(L)anks

Memory B(L)anks

I have some recent work in Crewe at the moment!

I realise that the opening night was yesterday, but if you are in the vicinity you should deffinately pop in on this show - it's a gud'un, and well worth a visit. You've got until the 17th June, so go go go!