Sunday, 25 April 2010

Drama with the windows...

April 19th 2010

Went to go and have a look at the windows coming out of the buildling... and they were no good at all! Then followed the hunt for windows and a significant dip in the rollercoaster journey ...

It would be boring to tell the whole story of the hunt for windows -suffice to say, upwards of 20 hours spent ringing around, driving around and savaging in search of windows. Ran out of petrol twice (!)

BUT... look what I ended up with, thanks to my friend Cluadette and her friend Barbara - a woman with a generous spirit willing to loan 3 of these most beautiful windows to a stranger. I'm so relieved.

Today - in fact just a matter of hours ago - I was also 2 windows which I can keep:

Also beautiful, but in a very different way! I may use them in watford... not sure yet.

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