Thursday, 3 March 2011

more pics - lighting is everything

Not sure I could be more chuffed with these - JACK-flipping-POT!

Going to chat with my practical problem-solving friend Bob Wallington tomorrow to see if he can help me work out how to ues lighting with these objects. I only lit them short term to get the pictures - but obviously a hot light in a flammable 'box' = fire hazzard. Where there is a will, surely there will also be a way.... But I'm smart enough to know I'm going to need help to find it.

So that's one of the next obstacles. Also I need to decided how to organise the boxes - which will depend a lot on the space they go in. Should I seal them or not - and if I do, where will the light source enter them etc etc?! Lots of questions.


  1. Nice nice nice. Looks like a cool instillation. I like them just as images as well. With a bit of cropping the top one would be cool, as would the others.

  2. MATE you could use battery powered LED lights .. they are cool = no fire risk :)