Friday, 15 October 2010

Space 2 pop up with NHT

So ... some info and deets on the space and the project. The potential is overwhelming... but also oh so exciting.

and some photos of the space - you can see why it's so overwhelming. Because it isn't anything LIKE a white cube, there is a lot to take into consideration in terms of choosing to play up to (or not) the space etc. anyways... i'm relishing the challenging, but wish i had more time.

Working full time as an artist was really challenging, but for totally different reasons. NOT working full time as an artist I think is even harder... I simply don't have time and I'm watching so many opportunities slip by the by. I'm finding at the moment I have just enough time to stay on top of admin and emails (and even that not well) and no time to create...

hm. of the space :)

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