Friday, 2 July 2010

What's an girl meant to do...

One of the sixth formers wants to study art at uni, but also wants to have a job later on in life, so came to me for advise.

I'm getting pressure for a moving date. Technically I still have two months left in my flat and am paid until the end of August, but the pressure is deffinately on. It's a frustrating position to be in: well qualified, motivated, hard working and without a way of using my talent to make money.

Been trying to work out the compromises re getting jobs. Applications are out, so now my time is split between hunting for more 'jobs and opps' and waiting to see if I still have a magic touch filling in application forms.

So, with good qualifications and work experience in decent measure but with no home and no job in two months time and my precious creations making their way into cardboard boxes for storage (or will it have to all end up in the bin?) and a sweet but timid sixth former asking for career advise re being an artist... I felt a bit lost for words. What'a a girl meant to do?

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