Wednesday, 7 July 2010

oh, sweet ambon

Look what I managed to do (upload this photo, from my phone, via facebook, download onto computer and then upload onto here! amazing)

In the name of not being able to compartmentalise art and life (ref post: our desires, to weak, not to strong) it is no coincidence that this weekend I have for the first time in years and years been re-united with friends who I grew up with in Ambon and who we were evacuated with from Ambon when the war broke out in 1999.

It was an emotional weekend for me - reconnecting with old friends and grieving 'lost' friendships and remembering an oh so rich childhood unlike anything the average British kid would experience growing up.

And so Monday morning, this development (ambon manise) of my brick work set root in the creative centre of my being and by Friday evening it will be open to the public in an art exhibition.

oh, sweet sweet fragile ambon!

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