Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Of no fixed abode

I ended up showing 6 different artworks in the show.

The most dominating was a large scale installation. Here are some pics of it from beginning to end (I need to dig out the drawings from when we were planning it too - they could be interesting).

This is the model I produced to run the proposal by the gallery and to help me visualise my idea. If I'd known how long the real thing was going to take, I would have spent less time on this model!

I thought I was doing well with production at this stage...how little I knew!

Wrapping boxes! A time consuming activity, so I discovered.

Getting this far took me to Saturday evening. The gallery was shut Sunday and Monday, and I was working in the mornings Tuesday and Wed and Thurs - which essentially left me with 3 afternoons to complete the installation. And so box making began in ernest, every hour or every day for the week that followed.

I would literally have not finished it without the help of friends, like Chris Sharpe, Jon Tan, Bob Wallington, my brother malcolm, YPF (the church youth group, more about that later) and of course, my boyfriend Mike Green.

For the best part of a week I literally missed I think every lunch, working straight through...

By wednesday night (less than 24 hours before the opening of the exhibtion)... I was still short boxes. That's when Wallo (youth group leader) and YPF (church youthgroup) came to my rescue like multiple nights in shining armour.

I'll have to get a pic from one of the lads - but what a heart warming sight: For an hour and a half on Wed evening, the youth group 'made boxes' for me. 41 they produced I think - and it turned out to be EXACTLY the number I was lacking. A good story... I feel.

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