Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Of no fixed abode - installation continued

Sorry if this is too many photos - better than too many words I feel.

The completed installation

Taken from inside looking out

boxes gallore - literally

Until today - drama struck! I went to the gallery to meet some school children to talk to them about my artwork, to find that the back wall had collapsed. I think I kept cool quite well, but I think it's fair to say I'm a little bit gutted.

No time to fix it now... but more than that, it seems to make sense to me. Here is the text I wrote, this afternoon, after finding it this morning:

The back wall of the installation where the artist has constructed a house from the wrappings of cardboard boxes has begun to collapse. The artist has allowed and embraced this as a natural progression of the installation.

The artwork began as an attempt to literally construct a house out of her experiences of constantly moving between houses; the hollow boxes acting as ghost-like echoes of each time the artist has moved house.

The collapsed back wall is a poignant reminder of just how fragile Hughes’ experience of home has been. It reflects a familiar struggle for the artist in trying to rebuild and reclaim lost homes.


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