Tuesday, 20 October 2009


It seems like an obvious development for me to develop the studies I've been working on, onto cardboard boxes (having used cardboard boxes a LOT last year and because of the interest they offer in their association with fragile homes). The following two images are pages i've scanned from my diary. I jotted these scribbles down at some point when I wasn't in my studio but started thinking about the application of the studies onto piles of boxes.

So i started to apply the green to the boxes, then have tried working patterns etc on top -- admittedly, not very successfully. Here are some of the stages of experimentation:

Box, painted green with windows cut out - but 'subverted' -- out of their original place, also possibly original scale.

Attempting to work pattern based on shapes and textures from wall surfaces onto the box, with shadows overlayed -- WAY too busy, totally unsuccesful.

So I tried one side of the box with no 'pattern', just shadows. Before I applied the lines of shadows, I covered the surface of the box with text - an account of someone's experiences of the war in Ambon. It's better than the above image, certainly, though that isn't saying much.

Right, must dash. SO much more to update -- ideas, experiences, thoughts re living life as an artist. BUT, I'm working on my time management, I've spent three hours today on my practice and I'm meant to be meeting someone in two minutes for a coffee.

over and out.

ps - here are some images from my design ideas for the previous work i've been posting up on this blog. I often think the outworkings of ideas are as interesting as any finished piece. you may disagree:

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