Thursday, 24 September 2009


So i'm quite excited, I've just been in touch with the local council and spoke to the community arts development officers. A friendly chap, willing to meet me and excited about what I'm doing. Such a relief, immediately I feel less isolated in my art making and am already looking forward to my converstation with him.

I've also spent much of this afternoon pursuing a vacant shop window in rickmansworth town centre to exhibit in. Whether it comes to frutition, it feels positive to be proactive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I post off my email.

Today Tom (head of art) honoured me in front of his year 13 class, letting them know how many applicants I fought off for my position here. His intention was to keep their feet on the ground about being an artist, but I drew encouragement from it and felt really humbled as I was reminded how blessed I am to have been chosen. Seeing how things have opened up in art making so far gives me hope for the future....

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