Monday, 2 March 2009

Why the Blog

I've spent the odd few hours over the last few days scouring the iternet and digesting articles mulling particularly over strands of wisdom offered for the 'emerging artist' - a popular and optomistice phrase used to describe hopefuls like myself.

An avid amateur writer as it is, with over 50 complete journals from my teenage years boxed up for preservation, keeping a public 'artist's blog' seems a natural response to some of the advice I've been processing.

As an aspiring artist, I'm often criticised for being an over-thinker/theorizer. Though I've not yet reconcilled whether the criticism is fair (why shouldn't an artist think as much as a theorist, providing she still makes?), I hope this blog won't just become an outlet for my mullings over the meaning and purpose of art (and indeed life), but rather it will become an outline and record of my evolving practice and an insight into the perculiar world I occupy in my pursuit of the Inconceivable.

1 comment:

  1. I too am a deep pondering artist. Sometimes it helps me to delve further into my art and other times it holds me up from starting.

    Your photos and artwork are very interesting. I like all of the textures and various techniques. I skimmed the white text, because it is tiring to read with a black background. The images looks stunning on black, but the text is not inviting in that color.

    Best of luck with your art!